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The Brothers Grimm

Practically everybody has heard of the Brothers Grimm and connects them with memories going back far into childhood. With their collection of Children’s and Household Tales, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm have made their mark on many generations. But that is not the full extent of their merits by far. They were important linguists and are considered to be the founders of German language studies. They belonged to the Göttingen Seven, and in 1848 Jacob Grimm was a member of the National Assembly at St. Paul’s Church in Frankfurt. Their brother Ludwig Emil Grimm was a renowned painter and illustrator as well as an important chronicler of the Grimms’ life and work. The GRIMM WORLD Kassel will pay worthy tribute to all these aspects.

The Children’s and Household Tales collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are world-famous. The working copies of the Grimm brothers with their handwritten notes and corrections dating from 1812 and 1815 were included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register in 2005. They will be accessible to the general public at the GRIMMWELT (GRIMMWORLD) Kassel.

The German Dictionary was begun in 1838. It is a huge project that occupied not only the Grimms for a long period of their lives. With the assistance of a large network of correspondents Jacob and Wilhelm managed to reach the letter F. It was not until 1962 that the work was completed. At the same time the revision began, later followed by digitisation.

Welcome to GRIMMWELT Kassel


The GRIMMWELT Kassel presents the Brothers Grimm in a building that was designed especially for this purpose, on the Kassel Weinberg hill. It is aimed at children and senior citizens, families and school groups, experts and laymen, art lovers and linguists as well as fairytale lovers.

Interactive exhibits invite guests to get involved, and facilitate a communicative learning experience as well as dialogue. Some of the most valuable exhibits include the personal copies of the children’s fairytales, which have been classed as a UNESCO Memory of the World since 2005. Besides the famous fairytales, the fascinating story of the creation and development of the largest dictionary in the German language is also told. Fun and informative exhibits and a format that continues to surprise give visitors new ways to access the multifaceted work, as well as the social and political lives of the Brothers Grimm. The accessible roof provides a fascinating viewing platform.

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