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Tours through the history of documenta

Public space in Kassel differs from that of other cities by virtue of the presence of outstanding outdoor objects from past documenta exhibitions. The exhibition series has made programmatic use of its urban environment through the step-by-step occupation of new settings. Every documenta since 1977 has featured site-specific works of art conceived as interventions into or commentaries on their urban context. In search of opportunities for greater social impact, art reacts to an increasing extent to its socially defined environment as a means of gaining new credibility beyond the boundaries of the exhibition context.

You can select one of three different parcours to the outdoor works of art with your smartphone or tablet at www.documenta-historie.de or with the IZI Travel app. The three parcours are “Friedrichsplatz”, “Staatspark Karlsaue”, and “Stadtraum”. The digital documenta guide accompanies you to the various works of art in German or English. Descriptions of the individual works provided at each stopping point are supplemented by background information on the respective artists. Thus you can either follow a parcours from start to finish or begin a tour at a work of art of your choice.


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