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Collection of Antiquities

in Wilhelmshöhe Castle

Kasseler Apoll

The Collection of Antiquities is on the ground floor of the museum inWilhelmshöheCastle. Here, using sculptures, vases, coins and craftwork from the Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman periods, the visitor is given an overview of the development of these ancient cultures from the Mediterranean region.

In addition to the famous Kassel Apollo, you come across the bronze statuette of Victoria of Fossombrone. You can also admire an excellent selection of Greek vases, the Roman season sarcophagus with the god of wine Bacchus (Greek: Dionysus) in the centre, and a number of Roman portraits.

In the basement, the famous cork models of ancient Roman buildings, which A. Chichi created at the end of the 18th century, can be seen in a large display case.

Also in the basement of the Castle Wilhelmshöhe Museum, a museum bistro offers you a chance to relax.



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