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Landgrave Charles had built the Orangery between 1701 to 1710 as the end point of the baroque lines of sight inKarlsaueState Park, as both a summer palace and a wintering facility for orange, lemon and laurel trees.

A decade later, the buildings were extended by a pavilion to the west - the Marble Baths, which was to house the sculptures and reliefs created by Etienne Monnot (1657 to 1733).

Monnot's sculptures and reliefs depict stories from Ovid's Metamorphoses, including the transformation of Daphne into the laurel tree. The laurel trees in the Orangery act as a reminder of this, and were, therefore, an absolute necessity.

The sensuality of Monnot's figures, made from velvety gleaming white Carrara marble, is increased by their sumptuous setting, wall panelling made from a wide variety of kinds of coloured marble slabs which have gained gloss and depth through laborious polishing. The Marble Baths are open from the beginning of April to the beginning of October.