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hercules monument

The Hercules monument is the landmark of Kassel and is enthroned on the octagon in Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park, as an 8.30 m high copper replica of the ancient Farnese Hercules. Landgrave Charles of Hesse-Kassel had the octagon ("giant castle") with the figure of Hercules erected by the Italian architect Giovanni Francesco Guerniero from 1700 to 1717 as the crowning glory of the 1.5 kilometre long cascade system.

A steep pyramid, which is crowned by the statue of Hercules, rises up above the octagonal base.

The work by the Augsburg goldsmith Johann Jakob Anthoni is a replica of the ancient Farnese Hercules. Steps lead up to a visitor platform at a height of 28.5 m, from which you have a unique view of the whole baroque park and the city of Kassel.

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