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water displays

They have fascinated visitors to the Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park for 300 years

Now the mountain park with the Hercules Monument and the water displays is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site (www.weltkultur-kassel.de): one more reason to pay a visit to this unique masterpiece of baroque garden design.

The cool water bubbles over the cascades, the Steinhöfer waterfall, the Devil's Bridge, the aqueduct, down to its final station, the Great Fountain in the castle pond, which lets the water shoot 52 metres up into the air with its natural pressure. 1,200 m3 water are required for the water displays. The required rainwater and melt water are collected in various basins. There are two waterways, and the water runs through all the stations on its own, as a result of natural pressure. No auxiliary materials are used. After the end of the water displays, the water is discharged into the Fulda underground. Seven people open the water gates at the relevant points.

The great water displays in the mountain park, which came into being under Landgrave Charles (reg. 1677-1730), were an exceptional architectural and engineering achievement of their time and are, in terms of their significance, a milestone in the history of art and gardens.  The baroque grounds with the octagon, water show and cascade should be understood as the perfect image of intentional artificiality and visible artistry. The English landscape that was later aspired to in the mountain park (end of 18th/ start of 19th century) required the water in its natural form and integrated it into the landscape park which was designed using nature as a model. Landgrave William IX - later Elector William I - had a number of waterfalls and ponds, brooks and rapids, a lake and an aqueduct with a thundering waterfall created, distributed throughout the entire park.

Illuminated water displays

The illuminated water displays take place on the first Saturday of the month in June, July, August and September. Thus, this year there are, once again, plenty of excellent opportunities for visitors from near and far to admire the unique and fascinating spectacle of the baroque water displays, which were created under Landgrave Charles in the 18th century.

Dates of illuminated water displays (start at Hercules Monument):

  • 06.06.2015 at 10:00 pm
  • 04.07.2015 at 10:00 pm
  • 01.08.2015 at 9:30 pm
  • 05.09.2015 at 9:00 pm (Museum Night)

Information: The Steinhöfer waterfall is not part of the illuminated water displays and the extensive paths are not completely illuminated; consequently torches and sturdy shoes are urgently recommended for walking with the course of the water.

Because of building work, restrictions must be expected in the access road and in the mountain park itself. More detailed information can be found at: www.museum-kassel.de


dates and times

The water displays take place annually from 1st May until 3rd October, on Wednesdays, Sundays and public holidays from 2:30 pm. Entrance is free.

Guided tour of the water displays

Follow the course of the water with one of our visitor guides and have the exciting details explained to you. The meeting point is 2:00 pm at the Hercules monument.


2:30 pm Octagon / Hercules monument

3:05 pm Steinhöfer waterfall

3:20 pm Devil's Bridge

3:30 pm Aqueduct

3:45 pm Fountain pond