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Horst H. Baumann, documenta 6, 1977

Laserscape Kassel was an official contribution to documenta 6, 1977. This work of art by the Düsseldorf artist Horst H. Baumann met with such great enthusiasm amongst the population of Kassel that it was possible to marvel at it two years later, on 13th January 1979, as the first permanent laser light sculpture in the world in a public city area.

In 2007, the Laserscape system was renewed; the old system had suffered a significant loss of luminosity and had to be cooled with water. A large part of the required sum was obtained through the campaign "My Laser Metre", and each metre of the 7.5 kilometre laser path could be "purchased" by citizens ofKasseland interested parties.

Beam one leads straight from the Fridericianum to the ZwehrenTower. The second beam goes to the HesseStateMuseumand is deflected from there to the Hercules monument. At the same time, the third beam is directed to the roof of the Orangery in the Karlsaue.

On the roof of the Orangery, another laser is installed, which also emits three beams. The first beam goes along the park axis towards the swan pavilion and hits the water there.

Two further beams emphasise the baroque axes of the Karlsaue and follow the course of the Hirschgraben and the Küchengraben. They lead under the respective bridges and are then reflected on the surface of the water.

The laser now lights up every Saturday, from nightfall until approx. 1 am.  The work of art Laserscape has thus become the symbol of the city of Kassel at night time.