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Man walking to the sky

Jonathan Borofsky, documenta 9, 1992

During d9, the public's secret favourite stood in the centre of Friedrichsplatz: "Man Walking to the Sky" by Jonathan Borofsky This 25 m steel pole with a fibreglass man walking towards the sky, 2/3 of the way up, is now standing here in the square in front of the Cultural Station.

The Man Walking to the Sky was so popular amongst the citizens of Kassel during d9 that the work of art was purchased. A large part of the purchase price of approx. 690,000 DM, specifically 585,000 DM, was collected by a citizens' initiative; a further 100,000 DM was donated by Telekom.

The production costs of the work of art amounted to approx. 70,000 DM. Friedrichsplatz was not suitable as a permanent site for Borofsky's work of art because it should remain free for upcoming exhibitions. The artist had originally planned a site in green surroundings, but the citizens wanted it close to them, and so it ended up in front of the Cultural Station. For them, it is the symbol for an optimistic and upward-reaching development of their city.

The Man Walking to the Sky has a relative: The sculpture "Woman Walking to the Sky" is in Strasbourg and looks exactly like the Man Walking to the Sky at the Cultural Station.