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Ball house

Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park contains a real treasure, in addition to Wilhelmshöhe Castle. From the outside, the building appears extremely simple. The interior with the large, magnificently painted ballroom with its crystal chandeliers is even more amazing because of this.

The ball house was built by the young Leo von Klenze during the reign of Napoleon's brother, Jérôme Bonaparte, in 1808/09 as a court theatre. The pavilion is the first building designed by the renowned Munich architect. It was given its current splendid interior design in 1828 under Elector William II (reg. 1821 - 1831) by the Kassel architect Johann Conrad Bromeis (1788-1855).

The ball house can be visited in guided tours in the warmer months. The ball house can also be rented out for cultural events in the summer months.