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Large Greenhouse

The greenhouse, built in 1822 by Johann Conrad Bromeis, is one of the first glass and steel constructions in Europe. Amongst other things, it is home to a collection of camellias that is well worth seeing, as well as palms and other tropical plants. Elector William II of Hesse-Kassel had the large greenhouse built by his court architect Johann Conrad Bromeis for the cultivation of precious, exotic plants.

It was extended in 1886-88 by a large rectangular central structure and, even today, captivates visitors due to its filigree iron and glass construction, which is amongst the earliest of its kind in Germany. During the visitor season, guests can admire a sea of colour of orchids, palms, camellias, bananas and other exotic plants. In the spring, after the frost, the plants are transplanted in the fresh air, in the truest sense of the word, according to the old model.